Swiveled Not Stirred: How a blend of Taken Barstools Jams with Punk Rock at Bang Up to the Elephant

Kevin was in the process of building out Bang Up to the Elephant, a restaurant/bar located in Denver, CO and was looking for a certain look with a bit of history.

Great all around; good lookin’, good feelin’, good function,” Keven said. “A hip addition to perfect for the mix of flavor I want to add to my new Calypso inspired menu from the kitchen.

When Kevin contacted Luke, he found buying TakenBarstools a piece of cake since he enjoys choosing case goods and furniture. “He was always very positive and answered ‘no problem, we can make it happen’ attitude,” said Kevin.

During the process, Kevin’s concern was, “How to secure to concrete and Luke happily walked us through the process.”

“I’m proud that I made a great choice in TakenBarstools. Luke seems like a really swell guy, and glad to make his acquaintance and have a solid product on display that will always refer back to this good relationship. Unlike certain contractors I’ve had the misfortune of “working with” recently.” ~Kevin D.

“Kevin Delk’s commitment to our products shows what can be done once you’ve start bolting barstools to the floor.” -Luke

If you want to enjoy the same charm of pedestal Taken Barstools in your restaurant or bar, please check out the links below to learn more about the Ballard Romans below or contact Luke.

Charles Luke Lukey
Restaurant Stage Manager

We set the stage and open possibilities with custom pedestal design barstools.

Seattle Classic Style

Seattle Classic Style

Authentic hand cast bolt-to-floor barstools that set your stage.

Ballard Roman Style

Ballard Roman Style

Authentic hand cast bolt-to-floor barstools that set your stage.

Shown Above: Classic Pedestal Barstool, White 90 gloss – Does not show fingerprints. White Oak Seat.

Made in America.

Photography Credit Amanda Piela

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