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Seattle, WA – Taken Barstools, LLC is the newest addition to Seattle’s handcrafting small business landscape. The small scale manufacturing business was conceived and developed by Charles “Luke” Lukey. Taken Barstools developed from the recently purchased Sass Stools Business formerly of Springfield, OR. Taken Barstools’ mission is to set the stage and open possibilities by delivering handcrafted pedestal barstools that harken back to turn of the last century with historical accuracy and charm that will last for generations.

“Taken Barstools is a continuation of an American tradition that goes back for many generations,” said Charles “Luke” Lukey, Owner and Restaurant Stage Manager, “Continuing to deliver custom handcrafted pedestal barstools made in the United States is one of the reasons I got into this business. I believe this is important for fine bars and restaurants that are looking to provide an authentic experience for their customers.”

Lukey recently purchased the Sass Stools Business of Springfield, OR, reimagining the business as Taken Barstools headquartered in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Luke is committed to continuing the handcrafted precision that has been the hallmark of Sass Stools and grow TakenBarstools in the US and around the world.

“When we decided to sell this business, we wanted to make sure the new owner would maintain the same dedication we had to preserve the American tradition of the pedestal barstool.” said Louis “Stu” Stuve, “When Luke came to us with his enthusiasm and commitment to both our customers and the business, we knew he was the right person to continue the tradition Sass barstools has had for nearly 30 years.“

Taken Barstools offers two styles of custom, authentic, hand cast pedestal barstools: Seattle Classic and Ballard Roman. Each pedestal has been researched and replicated to preserve the historical accuracy and charm. Made one at a time in small batches, the colors range from classic black to any Pantone color chip included in your project. We welcome wholesale orders from interior designers, architects, restaurant owners, and anyone who has a project that requires multiple barstools.

“Because the barstools are engineered and tested for durability and reliability, you can prop up a Volkswagen Bug to change your oil if ever you decide to get out of the restaurant business,” said Luke.

To order your custom pedestal barstools, visit or call +1.971.251.0439.

About Taken Barstools, LLC

Based in Seattle, WA, Charles “Luke” Lukey is a consultant and trainer on the Toyota Production techniques with a vast background in manufacturing. As a family owned business, Luke believes that barstools set the stage and open possibilities.


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Charles Luke Lukey
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We set the stage and open possibilities with custom pedestal design barstools.

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